PPM questions the integrity of amending the constitution

Ahmed Shiyam, Member of Parliament of Naifaru constituency | Photo: Sun.mv

Vice President for opposition party PPM, MP for Naifaru Ahmed Shiyam questions the integrity of Government and Elections commission for their proposed amendments to the constitution, this close to a Presidential Election.

Elections commission has proposed some changes to the Elections law of the constitution. With only a few months remaining for this year’s Presidential Election, MP Shiyam has raised concerns over the amends.

Shiyam, who sits at the committee formed to give advice relating elections, asked the Elections Commission, whether these changes are proposed to bring any ‘unknown’ changes to elections. Vice chair of the commission, Mr. Ismail Habeeb said these changes were proposed over two years ago.

Elections commission has no authority to submit any changes to a law directly to the parliament, Habeeb said. They have to do it through Attorney General’s Office. Habeeb informed EC had submitted these changes to AG office over two years ago.

And their intention is not to cause any confusion, but to make elections easier to parties and candidates. EC will also remain vigilant to any wrongdoings to protect the rights of candidates and voters, Habeeb assured the committee.