Maldives first data center launched by Ooredoo

The opening of the data center made by Ooredoo Maldives | Photo: Ooredoo Maldives

Malé, Maldives – Ooredoo Maldives has launched the first data center in Maldives yesterday.

Ooredoo Maldives Data Center (OMDC) is a world-renowned center that specializes in digital services, which provide steady operations that require strong internet connections and storage, as well as storing important data of companies in a trustable and protective way.

The data center has been assembled in Hulhumale’, which is being developed as a ‘smart city’. According to Ooredoo, with the help of the data center, companies in Maldives and other countries, along with the government and tourism can expand their services easily.

Ooredoo also stated that the data center was needed for the operation of companies that provide digital information cannot be made by oneself as it involves a lot of expenses and that this data center would play a major role in protecting and hosting the data servers of many companies.

Speaking at the event, Managing Director of Ooredoo Maldives, Vikram Sinha stated that there are many benefits of the newly instituted data center in Maldives. He also said that such data center services which opens the world to us, will expand greatly in the future.

The services provided by the data centers are very much needed for the development of many companies and businesses. Due to the establishment of the center, the data of local businesses as well as worldwide businesses can be hosted in Maldives.

Due to the continuous internet services, the problems that arise in hosting from outside Maldives can be solved, leading to lots of chances for businesses. Our aim is to make the Maldives a strong technological hub.

Vikram Sinha, Managing Director of Ooredoo Maldives

OMDC is a tier-3 certification center. This center was built with a high security system that works 24/7. It also contains temperature regulatory systems as well as a power backup. The center was built with multiprotection from any possible disasters that might happen.

This center provides data collocation, full rack or shared rack space, rated power and cooling, remote hands support data centered managed hosting, dedicated utility hosting, disaster recovery and backup, as well as managed infrastructure monitoring services.

This data center ensures the safety of the customers in data storing and providing. In case of fire or water related disasters such as flooding , there are diesel power generators installed in the center, to minimize the risk. Even if a sudden emergency arises in which current cannot be provided, the power backup in the center continues its services for 4 days. A demo room has been made to fully experience the center launched by Ooredoo.