Emergency motion filed to provide equal opportunities in election

MP of Maavashu constituency Mohamed Saeed | Photo: Majlis

Male’, Maldives —Maavashu constituency parliament member, Mohamed Saeedh has submitted an emergency motion to parliament calling the government to provide equal opportunities for the Opposition as in the upcoming local council elections.

The emergency motion stated that the candidates of the local council elections are not getting equal opportunities to compete. MP Saeedh stated that one of the most basic right of a democracy is to have a fair election, however, the candidates who are competing in the elections are not receiving those rights.

Saeedh noted that while the constitution ensures the right to vote as a basic right, the government is not facilitating the elections commission to provide a fair election. Saeedh also stated that the guidelines provided by the HPA against Covid-19 does not support equal opportunities for all candidates.

MP Saeedh stated that there are candidates taking advantage of the guidelines given by HPA with the help of the Ministers, parliament members who have influence in the government and other authorities of the government as well as those candidates are getting the opportunity to travel from one atoll to another to meet the citizens without the observing mandatory quarantine.

However, as the Opposition party candidates have not received any such opportunities, Saeedh stated that it appears like the government has a huge influence on the local council elections.

Saeedh called out the government to provide equal opportunities for all the candidates of all parties as unfair actions as mentioned are worrying the citizens. The Opposition coalition had earlier requested the Elections Commission and the HPA to provide equal opportunities in campaigning for the upcoming local elections.