MPs travel to island to campaign with Speaker Nasheed’s approval

Speaker of the Parliament of Maldives Mohamed Nasheed | photo: Majilis

Malé, Maldives — Speaker of the Maldives Parliament, Mohamed Nasheed has stated that three parliament members have set out to the atolls of Maldives for campaign purposes with his counsel.

While speaking at the Parliamentary meeting that was held today, Speaker Nasheed stated that three members are on leave to campaign for the upcoming local council elections that is to be held on April 10th.

The three members on leave are MDP MP of South Fuvahmulah constituency, Mohamed Mumthaaz, MDP MP of Mid Fuvahmulah constituency, Hussain Mohamed Didi and MDP MP of North Fuvahmulah constituency, Mohamed Rasheedh.

I told [the MPs who travelled to Fuvahmulah for campaign purposes] the best way is to take a one day leave to go and then return.

Speaker Nasheed

Parliament members have requested for leave to campaign after Speaker Nasheed spoke on yesterday’s parliament session and stated that MPs who wish to travel to campaign in the atolls of Maldives for the upcoming local council elections can request his assistance for approval to proceed with their campaigns.

Speaker Nasheed said that members of the parliament should be given the opportunity to campaign and upon request he will assist in getting the required clearances to travel for campaign purposes.

The statement from Speaker Nasheed comes after the MP of Maavashu constituency, Mohamed Saeedh submitted an emergency motion to the parliament calling the government to provide equal opportunities for the Opposition in the upcoming local council elections.

Saeedh called out the government to provide equal opportunities for all the candidates of all parties as unfair actions as mentioned are worrying the citizens. 

The Opposition coalition had earlier requested the Elections Commission and the HPA to provide equal opportunities in campaigning for the upcoming local elections.