COVID-19: 90 cases confirmed in K. Huraa!

K. Hura island | Photo: Aqua Lodge

K.Huraa, Maldives – Health Emergency Operations Center (HEOC) has reported that 90 Covid-19 cases has been confirmed in K. Huraa. 

The first positive Covid-19 case was found from Huraa on March 22 and since then HEOC has placed the island under monitoring status. The first case was on a 72-year-old individual who was taken to Male’ city from Huraa as his health condition deteriorated. The elderly patient was found to be positive for Covid-19 after the IGMH hospital took a sample of the elderly patient to test for the virus.

Over the past 07 days, the island has confirmed up to 90 Covid-19 cases till date with the health officials tracing 159 contacts so far from the island. HEOC had earlier revealed that so far, majority of the contacts have tested positive for Covid-19. 

Health Protection Agency (HPA) reveals that the number of positive cases of outside the capital city Malé is higher than in Malé which is increasingly concerining since daily cases were higher in the capital city. 46 cases were recorded from the inhabited islands yesterday with multiple islands under monitoring.