MP Latheef calls to cancel flats given to teachers, nurses

Chairperson of Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) and member of Henveiru west constituency, Hassan Latheef | Photo: Majlis

Male’, Maldives —The MP for West Henveyru and the Chairperson of the ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP), Hassan Latheef has called on to take away the flats from Hiyaa Project that are allocated for professionals including nurses teachers.

MP Latheef said that Social housing should prioritize the needy and allocating to professionals undermine need based assessment.

MP Latheef made the statement while debating the report presented by the Parliament Committee on National Development And Heritage released regarding allocating flats through the Hiyaa Project. The Parliament Committee had earlier stated that the committee in charge of the Hiyaa Project did not properly assess the living condition of the applicants.

During today’s debate, MP Latheef also stated that the most important factor of the social housing unit is to assess living conditions. However, when the committee in charge of the Hiyaa Project had assigned flats from different categories, they had not properly assessed the living condition of the applicants. He said that some flat categories did not fit into social housing, highlighting one as professional categories for teachers and nurses.

MP Latheef highlighted the professionals category that is specialized for teachers and nurses and stated that he believes that the flats currently in the name of these professionals must be taken away from them with the assurance that they will receive flats in the upcoming housing projects by the government.

MP Latheef suggested the government to find a way to provide the people who are actually in need of flats with the flats that should be taken away from the professional people.

The Parliament Committee on National Development And Heritage of Maldives has earlier stated that after going through the applicants who have applied for the flats and the permanent list, the have noticed that the Flat Committee has not properly evaluated the living condition of people. The Committee called on to the Flat Committee to rectify this issue and to provide the rightful people with flats.

The Committee had advised the Flat Committee to revise the list of the people who applied for the Hiyaa flats and to remove any applicant who has made it to the permanent list despite not meeting all the required conditions.