Discrepancies in living situation assessment by Hiya flat committee

Flats of the 'Hiyaa Mashroou' | Photo: One

Male’, Maldives — The Parliament Committee on National Development And Heritage of Maldives has stated that the committee in charge of the Hiyaa Project did not properly assess the living condition of the applicants.

The Committee mentioned this in a report the Parliament Committee on National Development And Heritage released regarding allocating flats through the Hiyaa Project.

In the report, the Committee stated that since the Hiyaa Project is aimed at social housing, the Committee finds it necessary to confirm that the people who receive flats under this project are those who are in need of housing.

The Committee stated that the government must provide assurance that the apart from the nurses and doctors who have been confirmed to receive the flats under their specialized category in the Hiyaa Project, in the near future, the appropriate flats or housing unit will be handed out by the government after properly considering their income and health condition.

After noting that the government has decided and proceeded to change to the designs of the flats that have been already handed out through the Hiyaa Project, the Committee stated that those who did not receive a flat due to change of the design resulting in decreasing the number of flats by 280, then the government must compensate for those people to receive housing units or flats from the upcoming social housing projects the government will initiate.

Along with this, the report also advised the Flat Committee to revise the list of the people who applied for the Hiyaa flats and to remove any applicant who has made it to the permanent list despite not meeting all the required conditions.

The Committee stated in their report that after going through the applicants who have applied for the flats and the permanent list, the have noticed that the Flat Committee has not properly evaluated the living condition of people. The Committee called on to the Flat Committee to rectify this issue and to provide the rightful people with flats.