Ramadan allowance to be distributed on Thursday

Headquarters of the Ministry of Finance in the capital city of Maldives. Photo: Mihaaru

Malé, Maldives — The Finance Ministry has informed all governmental offices of Maldives that this year’s Ramadan allowance will be distributed from the upcoming Thursday onwards.

The Finance Ministry revealed that MVR 3,000 will be distributed to each employee as Ramadan allowance this year. However, the Ministry highlighted that if an employee is working two jobs at the same time, then the employee would only be entitled to the allowance from any one work place.

In addition to this, the Ministry has also instructed offices that if an employee resigns from their job before one third of Ramadan has passed, then the allowance for the days that the employee will not be working at the job must be calculated, taken back from the individual and that it should be deposited to the bank account.

On the other hand, if an individual is hired to a job during the month of ramadan, then the Ministry instructed all offices to calculate the amount of allowance they should receive for per day amount and to hand it over to them within the first seven working days of the new employee.

As the Finance Ministry has decided to distribute the Ramadan allowance on April 8, the Ministry has informed all offices to request the Ministry with an information sheet to receive the Ramadan allowance prior to this.

Along with this, the Ministry also instructed the offices using the state’s accounting software to post the vouchers for Ramadan allowance to the “Accounts Payable Module” or the “HR module respectively, prior to the 4th of April.

Maldives Employment Act states that all employers must grant a MVR 3,000 allowance as a Ramadan allowance to all Muslim employees, prior to the month every year, although current laws make it optional for employers to pay the allowance to expatriate workers.