Parliament votes to dissolve Maldives Transport Authority

The Parliament of the Maldives | Photo: Majlis

Male’, Maldives —The Parliament of Maldives has voted to dissolve the Maldives Transport Authority.

The bill was presented by the Member of Constituency of Vaikuraidhoo, Hussain Ziyaadh on behalf of the government to strengthen the sea and road transportation in Maldives.

The government has planned to dissolve the Maldives Transport Authority through this bill and to transfer the employees in this company to the Transport Ministry of Maldives.

The decision from the government comes after several employees have complained saying that the there are conflicts in the jurisdiction of the Maldives Transport Authority and Transport Ministry of Maldives, delaying the services being provided to the residents.

During today’s debate MPs, including some belonging to the ruling party MDP, questioned whether dismissing transport authority will solve the problems faced by the people regarding services.

It’s not believable that transferring employees from the [Transport] Authority to Transport Ministry will solve the problems.

MPs belonging to MDP pointed out a different solution; transferring the authority and work of the Transport Authority to relevant local councils under the Decentralization Act.

Speaker of the Parliament Mohamed Nasheed said that some of the services provided by the Transport Authority is currently being provided by the councils such as issuing driver’s licenses.

Despite the reservations during the debate stage the bill has been accepted by the parliament with 27 votes.

President of Maldives, Ibrahim Mohamed Solih had earlier announced on March 10th that the Maldives Transport Authority will be dismissed in the near future. He assured all the employees that although the company will be dismissed, no employees working in the authority will have to incur any loss as the government will provide employment opportunities for them.