Adex Back2Blue with Ocean Clean-Up World Record Attempt to be held in Addu City, Maldives

ADEX back2blue World Record Attempt poster | Photo: ADEX website

Addu City, Maldives – Asia Dive Expo (ADEX) has announced that they will hold a World Record attempt at Addu City, Maldives on 12 December 2021.

Ahmed Gabr, ADEX Ambassador (Technical Diving), Guinness World Record Holder in the Deepest Scuba Dive – 332.32m (1090.4 ft) will be visiting Addu City and participating in the event along with other local and international participants. The ADEX back2blue Divers Retreat is to be held in the Maldives from 9 to 12 December 2021.

Organizers of the World Record attempt and Maldives government representatives held an online conversation regarding the ‘ADEX Back2Blue – A Divers Retreat (South Asia, Maldives Edition)’ event at 12:00, 8 April 2021.

Economic Minister Fayyaz stated that Addu City does not get enough exposure right now and that this will be a good opportunity since Addu is a good location for tourists. Tourism Minister Mausoom added this is a significant event for Maldives as the country is a destination for divers.

The participants include Minister of Tourism Dr Abdulla Mausoom, Minister of Economic Development Maldives Fayyaz Ismail, Founder and Director of Marketing, HighRise, Ismail Hameed from the Maldives, ADEX Ambassador of Technical Diving Ahmed Gabr, from Egypt, and ADEX CEO John Thet, from Singapore.

The World Record attempt by ADEX Back2Blue will be attended by over 600 divers from across the world. The event spanning for five days will provide a platform for businesses and divers to meet and also includes environmental awareness sessions.