Tourism Day 2021 event to be held in Addu City

Tourism Minister, Dr. Abdullah Mausoom speaking at the inaugural ceremony held for the diving event in Addu City. | Photo: PSM

Addu City, Maldives – The Tourism Minister of Maldives, Dr. Abdullah Mausoom stated that all the major events that will be held in Maldives for the World Tourism Day of 2021 will be hopefully held in the southernmost atoll, Addu City.

While speaking at the ceremony held to inaugurate the diving event that was held earlier today at Maradhoo, Addu City to mark the 75th anniversary of the British Loyalty wreck, Minister Mausoom stated that while the first tourism event of this year has been held in Addu, the mayor of Addu, Abdulla Sodiq has proposed to hold the major events for the World Tourism Day in Addu as well.

Minister Mausoom informed that he accepted Mayor Sodiq’s request and has decided to hold the major events for the tourism day of 2020 in Addu City.

I’m sure that the main events of tourism day will be held in Addu City this year. Hopefully, this will become true.

Minister Mausom stated.

While noting that the World Tourism Day is always celebrated colorfully in Maldives, Minister Mausoom said that unfortunately the country was not able to celebrate the day in 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic. However, Minister Mausoom expressed hope that this year, the major events will be held widely in Addu City.

Minister Mausoom further stated that he will market the diving site of the British Loyalty wreck as a fascinating diving site in both Maldives and in the whole world.

The British Loyalty shipwreck is popular diving destination in Addu City, and according to Maldives boat club, the ship survived torpedo attacks on 2 separate occasions but was scuttled by the British as they withdrew from the Atoll in 1946.

Now the ship lies 33 meters under water between the islands Maradhoo and Hithadhoo. The site is easily accessible by boat, as it is less than 25 minutes away even from Gan.

The ship is covered with hard and soft corals that are home to a large number of small fishes. It is also surrounded by groups of fishes, including blue-fin jack and turtles that swim around the ship. At times, the divers also find Manta rays and sharks around the Loyalty ship.