LCE 2021: Just 2000 votes cast in Kulhudhuffushi

HDh. Atoll, Maldives – As of noon today, just 2,149 votes were cast in Kulhudhuffushi for the Local Council Election (LCE) and the Women’s Development Committees (WDC) election today.

Among the 2,149 voters, 1,117 were women while 1,032 were men. 12 of the 13 ballot boxes in the city are for Kulhudhuffushi, while one was for residents from other islands.

Local news “Kulhudhuffushi Online” observers on the scene say that the voter turnout is very low in the city.

The highest voter turnout was at the Jalaaluddin School voting station and the Nothern Office Complex voting station as of 12:00 today. While 202 votes were cast at the ballot box located on the east of the Jalaaluddin School voting station, the box located on the southern section had 188 votes. Nothern Office Complex voting station, ballot box had 241 votes.

5672 voters are registered to vote in Kulhudhuffushi city.