Had there been no ventilator corruption, there would be no problems with the President: Speaker Nasheed

Speaker Nasheed and President Solih on Rahvehifathis campaign trail | Photo: MDP

Malé, Maldives – Former President and Speaker of Parliament Mohamed Nasheed stated that if the corruption with ventilators to be brought to Maldives had not occurred, then he would have no issue with the President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih.

Speaker Nasheed had said before that the government was thieving, while talking about the case of 75 ventilators which the government had paid MVR 30.91 million to Dubai’s Executors General Trading LLC. Yet this is the first time that Speaker Nasheed directly confessed to having problems with the President.

In a joint investigation by the ACC and Maldives Police Service, it was revealed that former Minister of Health Abdulla Ameen and 11 employees of the ministry were involved with the expenditure of over MVR 30 million in violation of the Public Finance Act. Prosecutor General refused the case two times but changed his mind when new evidences came to light.

In a press conference held today at the Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP)’s office, Speaker Nasheed stated that MDP always strives to be a truthful and honest party, and that the only problem with the President was the ventilator scandal.

The problem between us [President Solih and Speaker Nasheed] is due to the ventilator corruption. There would be no problems between us if the ventilator scandal did not occur.

Mohamed Nasheed, Former President and Speaker of Parliament

Speaker Nasheed added that the responsibilities regarding this issue would be taken by the whole party, and that in the future the party will strive for success.

Failing makes me stronger. When I fall, I stand up and run faster.

Mohamed Nasheed, Former President and Speaker of Parliament

Economic Minister Fayyaaz Ismail said that one reason that MDP had not gotten the majority of positions in the election was due to internal fractures within the party. MDP MP for Addu Maradhoo Constituency Shareef agreed with this.