HPA releases rules for traveling without quarantine after April 20

Director General of Public Health, Maimoona Abubakr | Photo: Avas

Male’, Maldives – Health Protection Agency (HPA) has released the rules for individuals to travel without the mandatory quarantine rules after April 20.

The rules released by HPA states that after April 20, 2021, they have decided to provide easements for the restrictions placed on mandatory quarantining after traveling within the Maldives.

The new rules states that if 60% of an islands population has administered two doses of the Covidsheild vaccine, then any individual can travel to that island without following the mandatory quarantine rule and if 60% of an island does not have 60% of its population completely vaccinated, then for the people who complete two doses of Covidsheild vaccine can travel after two weeks without following the mandatory quarantine rule.

HPA has released another set of rules in providing permission for these people to travel without the mandatory quarantine rule. This includes of presenting a negative PCR test before traveling from an island with over 5% of positive cases to an island without as much cases.

HPA states that if an individual who does not pass for the conditions required to vaccinate is traveling along with these people, then they should also present a negative PCR test for approval.

HPA has also stated that apart from the people mentioned below, anyone who arrives to the Maldives (including tourists) who have administered two doses of Covid-19 vaccine and completed two weeks after the vaccination does not have to provide a negative PCR test nor do they have to go through mandatory quarantine to enter the country.

The people who have to present a negative PCR test before entering Maldives are:

  1. Individual who work at places that provide any type of health services.
  2. Individuals who work at daycare centers.
  3. Individuals who work at schools.
  4. Individuals who work at places that provide residential care.

HPA informed that once these rules are active after April 20th, they will announce the islands that have completely vaccinated over 60% of its population or has less than or more than 5% of positive cases.