ADK hospital delayed blood transfusion in maternal death case

Salma Naseer | Photo: Instagram

Malé, Maldives – A letter to the patients family by the Health Ministry regarding the of Salma Naseer, in the case of death during childbirth, states that ADK hospital failed to administer blood transfusion to the patient for an hour although the hospital blood bank had matching blood available.

The letter was a reply to a request by the patients husband, Ibrahim Ahmed, to investigate the patients death.

In their reply, Health Ministry detailed the events leading up to Salma’s death.

  • 1 February 2021:
  • Patient was admitted to the hospital. 2 blood donors were crossmatched with the patient.
  • 3 February 2021:
  • Patient gave birth to child around 12:20. Patient experienced heavy bleeding. The amount is not indicated in hospital records. Baby was delivered using vacuum extraction, leading to unstopped bleeding to the mother. Patients family was informed that a hysterectomy might be required.
  • Blood was not transfused at this point. The mother was conscious and smiling. She experienced fainting symptoms by which time blood was arranged from ADK Hospital’s blood bank.
  • 1 hour past deliver, mother was not transfused with blood.
  • Patient was taken to operation theatre around 14:00, experienced difficulty in breathing. Hospital records show that patient was losing consciousness and blood pressure could not be read. The heart rate was very high, recorded over 190/min.
  • Blood was transfused at 14:25 by which time heart rate was at 42/min.
  • At approximately 14:30 the hysterectomy procedure started. Patient went into cardiac arrest during the procedure, CPR was administered.
  • Patient passed away around 16:00 same day.

The Health Ministry notes that it is possible for a patient to pass away during childbirth. However, health facilities must be prepared for all emergency situations that may occur during delivery. The Ministry also noted that it is imperative for blood to be ready for immediate transfusions to save lives.