Family of deceased Covid-19 patient accuse Addu Covid Management Facility of negligence

Healthcare worker at Hulhumalé Covid-19 facility | Photo: Mihaaru

Addu City, Maldives – The family of Abdulla Nasir (79) who passed away at Addu Covid Management Facility while admitted state that the hospital was negligent in treating the patient.

Nasir passed away on 20 January 2022 and was reported as the 268th Covid-19 death in the Maldives. Addu Emergency Operations Center informs that Nasir died of Covid-19 induced pneumonia at 09:00.

Nasir’s family raised multiple issues regarding this statement alleging that the patient when admitted showed no symptoms and was fully vaccinated.

According to the family, Nasir visited AEH with leg injuries following a minor motorcycle accident. The patient is reported to have gone to the hospital to get an X-ray.

Nasir tested positive on the day of the hospital visit and the hospital decided to transfer the patient to the Addu Covid-19 management facility due to low oxygen levels.

The patients family accuse the Addu Covid Management Facility of not feeding the patient stating that it was not possible with a bypass oxygen mask. The family further state that the doctors informed that Nasir had fallen into an unresponsive state but CT scans did not show any issues.

The family then agreed to intubate the patient. The hospital stated that the patient started bleeding and were unable to complete the procedure. The facility also refused to allow a bystander to stay with the patient regardless of their Covid-19 status. They were allowed to visit for a short time under special permission.

Nasir’s family allege that the elderly patient must have suffered mental trauma by being removed from loved ones.

Further, a patient who was admitted with Nasir reports that nurses ignored the deceased when he tried to get their attention.

In October 2021, a deceased patient’s family filed a police case alleging that the 81 year old woman was abused while admitted at the Addu Covid Management Facility.