MP Shareef calls to give importance to Maldivian ICT companies

Adam Shareef, MP of Maduvvari Constituency | Photo: Majlis

Male’, Maldives —The Member of Constituency of Madduveri, Adam Shareef has called on to give importance to Maldivian Information and Communication Technology (ICT) companies in giving contracts.

While speaking at a debate in the People’s Majilis regarding the National Payment System bill, Shareef praised the achievements earned by the youth of Maldives. MP Shareef stated that the Maldivian businesses, transportation systems and other methods need to be expanded with the help of the talented youngsters in light of these achievements.

Along with this, MP Shareef noted that at present, most of the ICT work is contracted out to foreign companies and expressed concern that corruption is involved.

I need to be very attentive on incorporating ICT in providing the payment system and payment services and to work on ways to provide those opportunities for the youth.

MP Shareef, Madduveri Constituency

While speaking at the parliament, MP Shareef also talked about the fraudulent activities carried out in businesses, highlighting the MMPRC corruption case. MP Shareef stated that it is important to have a method through ICT to notice any suspicious transactions when large amount of cheques are being deposited in the Maldives.