Not accepting defeat is a characteristic of dictators: MP Shareef

Member of Parliament for Maradhoo constituency of Addu City, Ibrahim Shareef (Mavota) | Photo: Majlis

Maldives – Maradhoo MP Ibrahim Shareef (Mavota) has criticised former President Mohammed Nasheed for not accepting defeat by making excuses for losing the Maldivian Democratic Party’s presidential primary.

This comes after the faction of the MDP President Mohammed Nasheed said that they will not accept the results of the MDP presidential primary held last Saturday.

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih won the most competitive internal election of MDP by a huge margin of 61 percent. Nasheed got 39 percent.

In response, MP Shareef tweeted today that accepting defeat in an election is a characteristic of leaders who accept the rules of democracy.

“Political leaders who believe in the rules of democracy will accept defeat,” he said. “You will always put the interests of the country ahead of your own.

Citing such examples, MP Shareef said former US Vice President Algo respected the court order and accepted defeat despite receiving 500 more popular votes.

He also said that Hillary Clinton, who ran for the presidency in 2016, accepted defeat despite receiving three million more votes than her rival Donald Trump.

According to the provisional results, Nasheed received 15,641 votes. That’s 38.90 percent of the vote. President Solih received 24,566 votes. That’s 61.10 percent of the vote. 57,255 people were eligible to vote in the primary while 40,887 people cast their ballots, which is 71 percent of the eligible voters.