Gov. sent only 7 out of 33 bills to parliament: MP Inthi

Chair of the Judiciary Committee of Parliament, Imthiyaz Fahmy (Inthi) | Photo: Majlis

Malé, Maldives – Committee Chair of the Parliament Judiciary Committee, Imthiyaz Fahumee (Inthi) has said that government had sent only 7 bills to the parliament out of the 33 which government had told about.

The statement from Committee Chair, MP Imthiyaz Fahumee comes after the Legal Councilor of President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih, Ahmed Abdulla Afeef stated that delay in Parliament’s work was an obstacle in delivering justice.

While speaking at at press conference held by the Parliament’s Judiciary Committee, Imthiyaz stated that while government had told to send 33 bills to the parliament including amendments to the Courts Act, amendments to the Judicature Act, Evidence Act and Legal Aid Act which were crucial in creating a fair justice system in the country.

MP Imthiyaz also added that while essential bills in establishing a proper justice mechanism in the country was not sent by the government to the parliament that these were the main reasons for President Solih not being able to fulfill his presidential pledge of deliver justice for those who were unjustified in the previous administrations.

He also added that while people look in to which areas of the state that is slow in delivering justice, that the efforts being carried out by the Judiciary Committee of the Parliament was not slow and that they were not the reason behind the delays.