Parking zone work begins near Nasheed’s residence following May 6 attack

Workers developing the parking compound near Nasheed's residence | photo: Male City Council

Malé, Maldives – Malé City Council has commenced work to establish a parking zone near Billoorijehige after removing the parking zone from Neelofaru Hingun.

The project was commenced for the security of the Former President and Current Speaker of the Parliament Mohamed Nasheed following the terror attack against the Speaker on May 6th. The terror attack happened while waiting for a decision regarding the removal of the parking compound from Neelofaru Magu.

Malé City Mayor Shifa Mohamed said that the project was commenced as soon as the Planning Minister Mohamed Aslam gave approval for the project and that the removal of cars from the area have already begun with the aid of the police. She added that the development of the cycle parking compound will continue as the area is being evacuated.

In addition to this, a letter from Malé City Council to the Planning Ministry on 23 March 2021 regarding the evacuation of “Neelofaru Hingun” was leaked following May 6 terror attack. The seeks approval for the evacuation of Neelofaru road and the development of a parking zone Billoorijehige.

The road where Former President Nasheed resides is congested due to the motorcycles parked on one side of the road. This prevents the entry of four-wheelers which is why Speaker Nasheed walks out to Majeedhee Magu where his car is usually parked which causes a potential risk. He was attacked on May 6th while he was walking out to his car.

Billoorijehige was formerly used as the National Library and is now used by Maldives Media Council, Broadcasting Commission and the Gender Ministry.