Multiple projects commence in Malé with new council

Creating a parking zone in Boduge | Photo: Malé City Council

Malé, Maldives – The newly inaugurated Malé City Council started multiple projects in the city in order to elevate the current living standards.

The council started cleaning and disinfecting the roads of Malé today, to further the attempts made to stop the spread of Covid-19. The project was started by the Malé Mayor Dr. Mohamed Muizzu.

Dr. Muizzu stated that the project was started due to the requests of Health Protection Agency (HPA) and Ministry of Health. He added that the most congested roads would be cleaned and disinfected first, and that all the roads in Malé would be cleaned by the time the program ends.

The council has also started work to transform half of the ‘Boduge’ in Maafannu into a parking zone. The council stated that they decided to make the parking zone in the north side of Boduge, to make it easy for the people coming to the mosque in the area to park their vehicles.

This project was also started today by Dr. Muizzu, who noted that this was a request of many people in the area.

Dr. Muizzu had also completed the parking zone in ‘Billoorijehige’ that the former council had started. He noted that it was important to make unused land as parking zones for the people to use, as parking zones are always full in Malé.

Dr. Muizzu also called out to decrease the water and electricity prices in Malé.

In a tweet last night, Dr. Muizzu stated that the curfew has affected a lot of people’s jobs and income. He added that this was why he calls out to decrease the rate of water and electricity price by tagging State Electric Company Limited (STELCO) and Malé Water and Sewerage Company (MWSC) in his tweet.

Dr. Muizzu and the new Malé city council have started many new projects after his inauguration as Mayor of Malé city.