Backlog of Covid-19 test samples cleared in 36 hours

Laboratory tests being done Photo: Pitchbook

Malé, Maldives – Health Protection Agency (HPA) has informed that the backlog of untested Covid-19 samples have been tested and cleared with 36 hours of round the clock work.

The backlog consists of samples from all islands with more than 48 hours post collection. 3714 such samples were collected and left untested until 10 May.

Once the backlog was tested, over 1000 people tested positive in the past 3 days.

At last night’s press conference, the President’s Office Spokesperson, Mabrook Azeez said that the back log has almost been cleared with only 52 backlog samples remaining. He noted the enormous workload undertaken by the IGMH laboratory, testing 5084 in 36 hours and thanked the staff.

According to HPA, 1,501 Covid-19 cases were recorded yesterday. The figures include 662 cases from the past 24 hours and the remaining 839 cases were from backlogged samples.In the statistics released by HPA, it was detailed that out of the 1,501 cases, 1,229 were from the Malé area, while 265 cases were recorded from inhabited islands. The figures also included 07 cases from operational resorts which brought up the total active cases in the country to 11,629.

With this, the total number of Covid-19 cases recorded in the country has reached 38,520 out of which 26,795 patients have made full recoveries, as of 18:00 of May 11, 2021.