Covid-19: Additional 59 confirmed cases and 36 recoveries

  • Total confirmed cases: 14,277
  • Current active cases: 783
  • Complete recoveries: 13,438
  • Total deaths: 49
During a drill held by the Health Protection Agency (HPA) regarding Covid-19. | Photo: One Online.

Malé, Maldives – Health Protection Agency (HPA) announces additional 59 confirmed cases of Covid-19 and 36 recoveries over the past 24 hours.

17 of the confirmed 59 cases were recorded from the greater Malé area, 09 from the islands and the remaining 33 cases from the operational resorts in Maldives.

The Health Emergency Operations Centre (HEOC) confirmed that 27 of the confirmed cases were from Oblu Select Sangeli resort in Maldives.

While the first positive case from the resort was found on  January 3, it was of a foreign staff who underwent a PCR test to travel abroad. Later on January 11, four more staff tested positive after exhibiting symptoms, but they were not in contact with the aforementioned case.

HEOC then collected 98 random samples from the resort on January 12, of which 19 samples tested positive. Along with this, eight more individuals exhibiting symptoms also tested positive on Wednesday, bringing the total number of cases found in the resort to 32.

With these 59 cases that were confirmed over the past 24 hours, Maldives now has a total of 14,277 confirmed Covid-19 cases. However, currently among these cases, there are only 783 active cases present in Maldives.

Easing the lock-down measures in the Capital of Maldives, Malé city, has contributed immensely in increasing the number of confirmed cases in Maldives, contributing to over 90% of total cases. While the majority of the confirmed cases were initially of foreign nationals, the lock-down easement on the capital city Malé, resulted in having a large proportion of Maldivian nationals confirming positive for the virus.

However, the number of cases is now decreasing, as the peak appears to have tipped for the better. In addition to this, the number of recoveries in Maldives has also increased by a great extent.

While 59 people tested positive for the virus today, 36 people have completely recovered from the virus over the past 24 hours. Along with these 36 recoveries, the total recoveries has now reached 13,438. The recovery rate has increased rapidly from less than 60% to 94% over the past months.

Up to date, 49 people have passed away from Covid-19 in Maldives. The deceased are 42 Maldivian nationals, 6 Bangladeshi nationals and a Filipino national.