Adhuham’s plan to bomb parliament foiled by police during former govt.

Adhuham Ahmed Rasheed, prime suspect of May 6 terror attack targeting Speaker Nasheed | Photo: Maldives Police

Malé, Maldives — People from the home island of the prime suspect, Adhuham Ahmed Rasheed for the terror attack that took place against Speaker Nasheed on May 6th has state that Adhuham had earlier attempted to bomb the parliament of Maldives before his attack on Speaker Nasheed.

Adhuham was identified by foot prints by The Maldives Police Service and is suspected to have the remote for the IED on the night of the bomb attack. Police tracked suspect’s movements and observed that he met with another suspect, Mujaaz Ahmed, 21, Ma. Feyruge, Malé, after the IED was detonated. 

While Adhuham was born and has lived in V. Thinadhoo for the majority his life, residents of the island spoke to local media outlet, “Mihaaru” and said that Adhuham had admitted to plans he made with multiple others to attach a bomb to a huge pickup and crash open the main gate of the parliament and bomb the place during Yameen Abdul Gayyoom’s Presidency. According to Adhuham, the plan was halted because Police Intel had found out about their plan.

Adhuham agreed in front of me that he planned to do it (bomb the Parliament)

Anonymous source

The individual who spoke to “Mihaaru” noted that Adhuham had changed a lot when he returned to the island from Male’. He said that the main plan of Adhuham was to lead he and his friends to the wrong path knowing well that they are people who pray daily, however, as they had already heard of ISIS and were well aware of the fact that it wasn’t a good community, they directly opposed it.

That day, the islander said that Adhuham talked cautiously supporting the ISIS to not let anyone hear about it, while saying things such as that the state is non-muslim and that the money of the state is not halal along with saying that proper Islamic scholars no longer live in the world.

Adhuham admitted to the plan of ISIS to bomb the parliament after one of the members in that group called out at Adhuham asking him that the ISIS also planned to bomb the parliament. The Individual informed that Adhuham was shocked that an outsider knew about the information and asked how he knows of it, and later agreed that they had indeed planned of it and that the plan was not executed because Police found out about it.

While the individual from Thinadhoo also claimed that Adhuham was arrested back them for attempting to bomb the Parliament and was later released through an influential person, “Mihaaru” has revealed that the there are no such Police records against Adhuham.

The group of youngsters who were friends of Adhuham informed that Adhuham had complained that ISIS is not able to carry out anything due to Police Intel and that even among his age, there are people who are a part of the Police Intel and that it could even be the person beside him.

While three suspects were arrested over the terror attack against Speaker of the Parliament Mohamed Nasheed, they had all denied all charges stating that they don’t have any involvement in the blast.