BREAKING: Israel bombs Al Jazeera, other news media building in Gaza

Israeli air strike destroys Jala Tower in besieged Gaza housing Qatar-based Al Jazeera television and American news agency The Associated Press | Photo: TRT World

Gaza, Palestine – Israeli warplanes have bombed the building which houses Al Jazeera, AP office and other international media channels in Gaza City just a while ago.

The strike came hours after another Israeli air raid on a densely populated refugee camp in Gaza City killed at least 10 Palestinians from an extended family, mostly children, in the deadliest single strike of the current conflict.

This comes while Al Jazeera journalist Linah Al Saafin reported a short while ago that Israel has given a warning that they will bomb the building that houses Al Jazeera offices and other international media channels in Gaza City in one hour.

Saafin tweeted this today adding that in a phone call, Israeli intelligence did not allow any time for media to evacuate from the building. 

Protests are being held around the world and in the West Bank as death toll reaches 140. Most recently, Israeli air raids have hit a refugee camp where 8 children were killed. 

Gaza’s Health Ministry has revealed that Israeli air strikes and ground offensive has claimed 139 Palestinian lives which includes 39 children and 22 women in this week’s violence.

The death toll in Gaza rose in the early hours of Friday after a new assaults from the Israeli army that saw ground forces join the operation which has left at least 830 people injured in addition to the martyrs.