Major losses to banana farms in Northern Maldives

Damages to banana plants | photo: Mihaaru

HDh.Atoll, Maldives – The ongoing bad weather in Maldives has resulted in major damges to the banana farms of HDh. Vaikaradhoo and Makunudhoo of the same atoll.

President of Vaikaradhoo Council Abdullah Wafir said that banana farms in the island gave been completed destroyed to the ground due to heavy rain with strong winds. He said that there are around 161 farms on the island in which the main production is bananas. Some farms do grow plants such as chilies as well. He noted that almost all of these farms have been majorly damaged.

In addition to this, Wafir noted that around 1000 banana trees fell due to the strong winds and that even more are expected to fall after last night’s storm.

Makunudhoo Council said that around 95 percent of the 57 farms in that island have also been completely damaged and that around 700 banana trees had fallen. Some of these trees had ripe bananas as well.

In addition to this, the harbour area was damaged with cracks in the ground and street lights fallen. Boats docked at the harbour were also damaged.

The council added that the public was informed to report all damages to the council and that the council has appealed to the relevant authorities seeking help for the incurred losses.

Relevant authorities inform that although the storm is travelling away from Maldives, it will have an indirect effect on Maldives with bad weather along with heavy rains and strong winds.