AEH stops all services except ER

Addu Equatorial Hospital (AEH) | Photo: Sun

Addu City, Maldives – Addu Equitorial Hospital (AEH) has announced special measures to be implemented when giving out medical services as there is a community spread currently in Addu.

AEH released a statement today, saying that the special measures are to be implemented from 16th May onwards till 27th May. All services given out by the hospital except emergency services will be temporarily stopped during this period.

However, medical services will be provided pregnant women already registered at the hospital. Newly pregnant women who want to get registered at the hospital should do so by calling the hospital call center at 1632. Services will be provided to these people after getting in contact with the hospital.

In addition to this, all specialist consultations will be carried online. This applies for residents of Hithadhoo as well as the connected islands.

Emergency services for residents of other islands will be provided via the health centres on that particular island. Patients can be referred to AEH for further medical services.

Patients having a cold or any symptoms of Covid-19 are advised to directly consult the flu clinics established in the islands rather than visiting the hospital. There is a flu clinic established in Hithadhoo as well as Hulhudhoo. Residents of Feydhoo, MaradhooFeydhoo and Maradhoo are to contact the respective health centres for such services.

  • Feydhoo Health Centre: 6892021
  • Maradhoo Health Centre: 6890608