Parliament initiates probe into May 6 terror attack

Speaker Nasheed was critically injured after the bombing | Photo: Google

Malé, Maldives – The Parliamentary Committee on National Security Services has initiated a probe into May 6 terror attack and approved for investigations on cases related to extremism to be prioritised.

The Parliamentary Committee on National Security Services out together a report following the terror attack on Former President and Current Speaker of the Parliament Mohamed Nasheed on May 6th. The committee stressed on four main points in their report.

The first of these four points is for the Committee to advice Maldives Police Service to prioritize investigations on cases relating to extremism. The report also includes for police to share all details regarding May 6th terror attack with the committee and also for the Committee to closely supervise the investigation on the terror attack. In addition to this, the Committee will also probe an investigation into how Speaker Nasheed’s security was breached during the terror attack

Three people have been arrested following the terror attack on Speaker Nasheed. The police have not yet specified the actual motive behind the attack. However, all three people arrested are radicalized.

The report put together by the Parliamentary Committee was scheduled to be presented at today’s parliamentary sitting after the notion forwarded by MP of Naifaru Constituency Ahmed Shiyam regarding the Israeli attacks on Palestine.

Parliament is to hold a sitting tonight at 20:30 to debate and continue the inquiry after the report.

Speaker Nasheed was severely injured after the terror attack on May 6th for which he received treatment at ADK hospital. Nasheed is currently receiving further treatment in Germany.