Action must be taken against those who mock Islam: Haitham

MP Ahmed Haitham | photo: Parliament

Malé, Maldives – MP of South Mahchangoalhi Constituency Ahmed Haitham said that action should also be taken against those who mock religion while attempts are being made to prevent extremism.

Speaking during the debate on the motion to take action against those calling for bloodshed put forth by MP Meekail Naseem, Haitham said that actions such as stabbing people and calling out to bomb places are as normalised as having a cup of coffee. He noted that while action is not being taken against such extremists, no action is being taken against those publicly mock Islam.

There are clearly two sides to this. For example, there are several people who speak against religion and these are not small talks but rather huge speeches. There are many people who even make a mockery of the Prophet. It feels a bit uncomfortable extremism is being discussed without any attention to these people who make a mockery of Islam.

Ahmed Haitham, MP of South Mahchangoalhi Constituency

Hence, MP Haitham called out to take religious mockery as well as extremism as serious crimes and take action against those people respectively. He added that these types of things should not be happening in Maldives.

While MP Haitham noted the topic on religious mockery, MDP members mainly focused on extremism during the debate where as Haitham was backed by PPM/ PNC members.