Opposition vows to support government in action against France

Male’, Maldives – The opposition coalition, PPM and PNC have vowed that the government of Maldives will receive their full support in any action taken against France, in light of the recent comments and actions against the Islamic religion by the country.

In a recent statement released by PPM and PNC, the parties condemned France and especially the President of the county, Emmanuel Macron, for mocking and publicizing cartoon depictions of the Prophet Mohamed, and ridiculing Islam, in the name of the right to free speech.

“We believe that the encouragement given to such actions by the government of France and specially the President of the country is nothing but making matters worse.” The statement read.

The opposition has urged the government to take a stand against the actions of France and expressed their concern over the increasing number of organisations in Maldives that are also go against the Islamic values, asking the government to take immediate action against such organisations to stop their activities in the country.

The government of Maldives also released a statement, which read that, “efforts to denigrate Islam and the beloved Prophet (ﷺ) through derogatory remarks and blasphemous publications cannot be categorized as a reasonable exercise within the right of the freedom of expression.”

“As a democratic society built on the tenets of Islam, Maldives remains committed to upholding the freedom of expression as a fundamental human right. Maldives is opposed to all forms of extremism, whether in the name of religion or the purported exercise of the right to freedom of expression.”

“Maldives condemns all acts of terrorism and is committed to combatting terrorism and violent extremism in all its forms. However, Maldives strongly refutes any attempt to link the peaceful religion of Islam with terrorism or violent extremism. Such a characterization is not only fundamentally flawed, but irresponsible. Maldives urges everyone to exercise respect and tolerance and resort to non-violent and non-provocative means in the exercise of their fundamental human rights. Maldives remains committed to working with the international community to promote peace and tolerance.”

Along with the official statement, many key government leaders and key politicians have also expressed their concern over the French government’s actions against Islam.