70% of the eligible people have not completed Sinopharm 2nd dose

Sinopharm vaccine | Photo: Beijing Daily

Malé, Maldives – Health protection Agency (HPA) stated that in the Greater Malé area 70 percent of the people eligible for the second dose of Sinopharm vaccine, have not completed the dose.

HPA advised people to get their second dose of Sinopharm as soon as three weeks are up after the first dose of Sinopharm.

Maldives continues to administer Sinopharm vaccine. According to the statistics of HPA, 72,662 people have been administered with the first dose of Sinopharm vaccine. HPA showed concerned over the fact that 70 percent of the people eligible for getting the second dose have not received it yet.

Maldives is administering three types of vaccine; Covishield, Sinopharm and Pfizer vaccine. While most people got vaccinated with Covishield as their first dose, Covid-19 cases increased rapidly in India, resulting in a halt to the export of Covishield vaccine. It is uncertain when the Maldives will receive another shipment of Covishield.

Maldives is currently facing a great surge in the number of positive cases, and the number of people who have died due to Covid-19. To combat t this and to decrease hospitalizations due to the virus, the medical authorities are encouraging people to get vaccinated without further delay.

A total of 303,919 people have been administered with the first dose, while 147,682 people have completed both doses.

Health Emergency Operation Center (HEOC) stated that 30 percent of the total population of Maldives, have not even gotten the first dose of vaccine.