MayTerrorAttack: All 4 suspects test positive for Covid-19

Suspects in custody for May 6 Terror Attack (L-R) Mujaz Ahmed (21), Thahmeen Ahmed (32), Ahmed Adhuham Rasheed (26) and Ahmed Fathih (23) | Photo: Sun

Malé, Maldives – Minister of Home Affairs has said that all four suspects arrested for the terror attack on May 6, targeting former President and current Speaker Mohamed Nasheed, have tested positive for Covid-19.

In addition to the suspects, the virus has spread among officers working on the case. There are currently 450 officers working on the case. The President of Maldives Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has established a special committee to oversee the investigation including British Special Envoy, Abbaz Faiz to moniter the investigation.

The suspects arrested first are Ahmed Adhuham aged 25, Mujaaz Ahmed of MA. Feyruge aged 21, and Thahmeen Ahmed of Folheyma, GA. Kondey, aged 32.

While the three suspects have been remanded for an additional 15 days by the criminal court, terrorism charges have been brought upon all three.

Ahmed Fathih of, Dhunfini Ufaa, L. Gan, who was arrested in a special operation by the police on the night of May 20, 2021, was remanded for 15 days earlier.

Speaking at the initial remand hearing on May 9, 2021, both Adhuham and Mujaaz had told that they had no involvement in the blast and there was no further comments on the matter.

Thahumeen also denied the charges and also told the court that the motorcycle used in the blast did not belong to him, although the documents submitted by police to the court state otherwise.

The explosion which went off around 20:20 on the night of May 6, 2021, left Speaker of Parliament, Mohamed Nasheed injured while he was getting into his car near his house, G. Kenereege, Malé City. In addition to him, 3 more people have also been reported to be injured from the explosion.