Covid-19: 13 deaths, highest recorded fatalities in one day in Maldives recent history

Graveyard of people who died due to Covid-19 | Photo: Mihaaru

Malé, Maldives – 13 people passed away due to Covid-19 recording the highest number of fatalities in one day in recently history of the Maldives.

In addition to deaths in Malé yesterday recorded the first deaths in Addu City and Lh. Hinnavaru.

10 of the 13 people passed away in the Hulhumalé facility while one person died in Addu City Covid-19 facility, Lh. Hinnavaru Health Center and at IGMH, Malé. 12 were Maldivians while one person was a Japanese citizen.

A person died every two hours.

Health Protection Agency informed that an 80 year old Maldivian woman died at 23:27 while a 58 year old Maldivian man passed away within 3 minutes if each other at 23:30 at Hulhumalé facility last night.

There are the 143rd and 142nd death respectively.

The first Covid-19 death in Addu City was an 83 year old Maldivian man admitted at Addu Covid Management Facility has passed away at 22:20 marking the 140th fatality due to Covid-19.

According to HPA, a 41 year old Maldivian female had passed away at 18:48 at Hulhumalé Medical Facility (HMF) and a 86 year old Japanese male passed away at 19:53 at the same facility marking the 138th and 139th casualties of the island nation.

In addition, the 136th death was of a 78 year old Maldivian female admitted at Hulhumalé Medical Facility (HMF) had passed away at 14:50 and a 87 year old Maldivian male had passed away at Lh. Hinnavaru Health Center at 11:05 marking the 137th death due to the virus.

Prior to these deaths yesterday, at 12:24 pm, a 78 year old man admitted at HMF and a 85 year old man admitted at HMF passed away at 7:44 am recording the 135th and 134th Covid-19 death in Maldives.

Earlier today, a 93 year old Maldivian man died at 06:55, while a 77 year old Maldivian man was recorded at 03:18 and a 58 year old Maldivian man was passed away at 04:25. All patients were admitted at the Hulhumalé facility. Additionally, an 81 year old Maldivian man was declared dead after being brought to the IGMH/ER.

These are the 134th, 133rd, 132nd, 131st and 130th Covid-19 death respectively.

While 1,417 cases were recorded yesterday alone in Maldives, the statistics released by HPA detailed that out of the 1,417 cases, 1,097 were from the Malé area, while 303 cases were recorded from inhabited islands. The figures also included 17 case from operational resorts and no cases from liveaboards which brought up the total active cases in the country to 24,057.

With this, the total number of Covid-19 cases recorded in the country has reached 57,341 out of which 33,136 patients have made full recoveries, as of 18:00 of May 23, 2021.

Maldives has recorded 142 Covid-19 related deaths since the pandemic began.

Meanwhile, doctors are warning that Maldives that Covid-19 is out of control in the country, and everyone has to acknowledge instead of blaming one another to control the crisis. The healthcare workers are stretched to their limits. With the active health facilities in the country overburdened with Covid-19 patients, the non-Covid-19 treatments are threatened to be hampered. Medical professionals have repeatedly stressed the threat of medical facilities being overburdened to the point that they have to choose patients to treat depending on who is sicker.