COVID-19: 7,000 daily cases estimated if measures are eased

HEOC TAG team member Dr. Nazla Musthafa | Photo:

Malé, Maldives — Pediatric Infections Expert and TAG team member, Dr. Nazla Musthafa has revealed that the latest projection shows that 7,000 daily Covid-19 cases would be seen at the peakest if the authorities do not take stricter measures to curb the spread.

While speaking at a press conference that was held at the President’s Office regarding the lockdown of capital Malé city with President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih and Health Minister Ahmed Naseem, Dr. Nazla informed that to determine the Covid-19 situation in the Maldives, Dr. Sheena Moosa made projections at the beginning of May.

According to Dr. Nazla, the projection Dr. Sheena made during the second week of May shows that if there aren’t strict restrictions placed, then 7,000 Covid-19 cases would rise daily at the most peak days. And if few restrcitions are placed, then with that the number of cases can be decreased to 6,000.

Dr. Nazla noted that if moderate restrictions are taken like before, then at the worse case scenario even the most number of daily Covid-19 cases would be 3,000. However, Dr. Nazla referred to the projection of Dr. Sheena and informed that even if the country does not go to a lockdown but has the strictest measures imposed, then the peak number of daily cases can be below 1,500.

If a lockdown or a very strict measure is placed, the projection would show that the daily cases can remain within 500 even at peak.

Dr. Nazla Musthafa.

With the strict restrictions that will be placed from tomorrow onwards, Dr. Nazla stated that there are high hopes for the daily confirmed cases to decrease within the upcoming two weeks by a great extend.

However, Dr. Nazla noted that even if the daily cases may decrease, the rate at which people are dying in the Maldives might not decrease.

It will take time for the death rate to decrease.

Dr. Nazla Musthafa

As the Covid-19 situation has worsen to its maximun so far, the government has decided to place the strictest measures including the lockdown of capital Malé city starting from tomorrow onwards.

Health Protection Agency (HPA) had recorded a total of 1,004 Covid-19 cases today. In the statistics released by HPA, it was detailed that out of the 1,004 cases, 835 were from the Malé area, while 135 cases were recorded from inhabited islands. The figures also included 12 case from operational resorts and 04 from liveaboards which brought up the total active cases in the country to 24,033.

With this, the total number of Covid-19 cases recorded in the country has reached 58,345 out of which 34,159 patients have made full recoveries, as of 18:00 of May 25, 2021. 

While the country is currently going through one of the worst waves that has hit the country in terms of the pandemic, currently there are 289 patients receiving hospitalized care for the virus throughout the country. With majority of the hospitalized patients being in the capital, experts continuously reiterate the importance of taking preventive steps against Covid-19, such as maintaining adequate physical distancing, wearing masks and practicing hand hygiene.

Maldives has recorded 144 Covid-19 related deaths since the first case was identified in the country.