Nasheed was provided best security in prison: Dr. Nashid

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih (Ibu) (R) and former President Mohamed Nasheed (L) pictured during their youth | Photo: Ibrahim Mohamed Solih

Malé, Maldives – Former President and Speaker of Maldives Parliament Mohamed Nasheed’s brother Dr. Ibrahim Nashid has said that the Former President was provided with the best security while he was imprisoned.

Dr. Nashid said this regarding a news article by local news “Mihaaru”, quoting an anonymous source from the security forces that implied that Speaker Nasheed’s actions, living at the family home or his personality, facilitated the attack against him.

Ruling party MDP to which Nasheed belong has also released a statement condemning the article and demanding to stop spreading propaganda.

Replying to the allegations, Dr. Nashid said that Speaker Nasheed was provided with the best security while he was imprisoned in Gaamaadhoo and Maafushi prisons.

Nasheed received the best security in Gaamaadhoo and Maafushi [prisons]. Is this still the solution for MNDF?

Dr. Ibrahim Nashid, Speaker Nasheed’s Brother

Nasheed was arrested and jailed for the first of many times in 1990 after he helped establish Sangu, a political magazine that scrutinized the ruling political class. In 1991, Amnesty International declared Nasheed a ‘prisoner of conscience’. In 1999, Nasheed was elected MP for Male’ but was stripped of his seat soon afterwards and jailed once again. He spent 18 months in jail, including long periods in solitary confinement.

The IED explosion went off around 20:20 on 6 May leaving Speaker of Parliament, Mohamed Nasheed critically injured while he was getting in to his car near his house, G. Kenereege, Malé City. In addition to him, 3 more people were also been reported to be injured from the explosion including the Speaker’s bodyguards and bystanders.

Nasheed was brought in with heavy bleeding, and both internal and external shrapnel injuries. Bearing balls were found in Nasheed’s chest, near the heart. Injuries caused by these projectiles caused life-threatening damage to the chest area.

Speaker Nasheed was treated at the Critical Care Unit of ADK hospital in Malé until yesterday and was airlifted to Germany yesterday for recovery and rehabilitation. Parliament had revealed yesterday that Speaker Nasheed’s medical expenses in Germany are being covered by Honorary Consul of Maldives in Germany, Christian Von Stetten.