More to investigate in 10-year-old’s death: Health Ministry

Health Minister of Maldives Ahmed Naseem (Kerafa Naseem) | Photo: Health Ministry

Male’, Maldives – Ministry of Health on Friday morning revealed that there was plenty of work to be done for the case review of the 10-year-old’s death after the family claimed negligence.

As per a tweet from the ministry’s official handle, more time was needed to work on the investigation and assured that they were working to complete it at the earliest.

This statement comes after Minister of Health Ahamed Naseen stated during a press conference held on June 2, Wednesday that the case review for 10-year-old COVID-19 victim Mariyam Mishka Mohamed will be publicized the following day.

Additionally, the minister said that necessary action will be taken against those found guilty.

Mishka passed away early hours of June 2, only a few days after testing positive for COVID-19. As per the family, her condition worsened on Tuesday, with her developing breathing difficulties.

Since the family was positive, they reached out to Heath Protection Agency’s emergency helpline 1676, in order to take Mishka to the hospital. However, they stated that it took over two hours for the ambulance to come. By then she was unconscious and was in critical condition. She passed away soon after being taken to IGMH ER.

Once the family revealed the delays, the authorities faced harsh criticism and called for an investigation. Speaking to the press soon after, Minister Naseem admitted to negligence and assured that once the investigation has completed all information, apart from the medical details would be shared.

In light of this incident, Health Ministry brought immediate changes to the mechanism that triggers ambulance deployment.