Establishing a consulate will not develop Addu: Professor Ugail

Renowned scientist Professor of Visual Computing at the University of Bradford Hassan Ugail | Photo: Edition

Addu City, Maldives – Popular mathematician Professor Hassan Ugail says that he does not believe having a consulate will develop Addu City.

Speaking at a panel discussion in a move against establishing an Indian Consulate in the southern most Addu City of Maldives, Ugail said that opening a consulate office will not bring economic, urban or social development to Addu City.

Professor Ugail added that it is unwise to spend government and Addu Council’s time and resources on such an endeavor. He said that development across the world are strategic with long time planning and budgeting.

Simply constructing buildings is not development.

Professor Ugail

The S. Hithadhoo born mathematician said that it is more important to develop human resources and mentalities and such developments are not observed in this case.

We should have ownership and maintain infrastructure related to national security.

Professor Ugail

Ugail warned against heavily depending on one specific country, emphasizing the importance of having equal diplomatic relationships with all countries. He stated that Maldives should have ownership of infrastructure built in the country.

India’s Union Cabinet, chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi approved the opening of a new Consulate General of India in Addu City, Maldives in May 25, 2021. The cabinet had highlighted that Maldives occupies an important place in the ‘Neighbourhood First Policy’ and the ‘SAGAR’ (Security and Growth for All in the Region) vision of the Government of India and that Maldives and India have many similarities in terms of tradition, religion as well as the financial market.

The Indian Embassy in Maldives states that the consulate will assist in improving economic and commercial ties between southern Maldives and India. They noted that a ferry service has started between Tuticorin and Addu and that a Consulate in Addu city will further improve ties between the two nations and especially improve development activities between India and Maldives.

Although the government of Maldives has yet to approve the establishment of an Indian consulate in Addu City, Mayor Nizar stated that Addu City Council will provide full support in the matter as it is an important decision made regarding the development of Addu.