MP Waheed of Ungoofaaru constituency receives death threats

Mohamed Waheed
The MP of Ungoofaaru, Mohamed Waheed. | Photo: Majilis.

Male’, Maldives —The MDP Parliamentary group has requested the concerned authorities to investigate the people who are guilty of sending death threats to the Member of the Parliament of Ungoofaaru Constituency, Mohamed Waheed (Waddey) regarding his statements in the MDP Rahvehifathis program.

While speaking at a campaign event, MDP Rahvehifathis program, MP Waheed stated that the Opposition PPM party are “sick” people who intentionally presented to the cabinet to kill people in the name of retribution.

We are talking about sick people who call for Qisas to kill people and showed a presentation to the cabinet of a person dying with lethal injection.

MP Waheed, Ungoofaaru Constituency

Qisas (retaliation or retribution) laws follow the principle of ‘an eye for an eye’ or lex talionis and they cover murder or serious cases of intentional bodily harm.

The MDP Parliamentary group released a statement regarding the statement by MP Waheed and said that it was not aimed towards any Islamic beliefs but instead at the misuse of Islamic Sharia by a previous government, alleging that Qisas was used to murder people.

The statement said that MP Waheed was referring to how the previous government had done things in the name of giving death penalties. Adding that the words of MP Waheed has been twisted intentionally by some Islamic Scholars and by some medias to create conflict, as a result, MP Waheed has been receiving death threats.

While noting that a previous MP of Ungoofaaru Constituency and an Islamic Scholar, Dr. Afrashim Ali was also brutally murdered, the MDP Parliamentary group stated that the investigation of Dr. Afrashim’s death also reveals that he was murdered through acts that were done by lunatic people in the name of Islamic religion.

The statement mentioned that several people have also been murdered in the Maldives in the name of Islam by claiming that they have renounced the religion.

The MDP Parliamentary group called on to stop spreading false rumors and to stop twisting the words of MP Waheed to put his life in danger. Along with this, the party also called on to the concerned authorities of the government to investigate the matter and to immediately take actions against those responsible for dangerous issues such as this.