Health Ministry and HRCM officials to be summoned to Committee over death of 10 year old

Newly appointed Health Minister of Maldives Ahmed Naseem (Kerafa Naseem) | Photo: V News

Malé, Maldives – The Parliamentary Committee on Gender and Human Rights has decided to summon officials from the Health Ministry and Human Rights Commission of Maldives (HRCM) over death of a 10 year old, who passed away due to a delay of 2 hours 26 minutes in emergency response time.

MP of Hinnavaru Constituency and Chairperson of the Parliamentary Committee on Gender and Human Rights Jeehaan Mahmood said that the Committee has asked for information from the relevant authorities regarding the death of the 10 year old and that the information is expected to be received by tomorrow.

Giving information to local media Mihaaru, MP Jeehaan said that as the required information will be received by tomorrow at 14:00, the Committee will schedule meetings with officials from HRCM and Health Ministry at 14:00 or 16:00 tomorrow.

The Health Ministry investigated the matter and published a report following allegations from the family of the deceased that her death was due to irresponsibility from relevant authorities. The Ministry stated in their report that the parents called the call centre to take their child to the hospital when her condition started worsening, however, the ambulance was not activated by the authorities.

The Ministry detailed in their report that the situation was not considered a medical emergency whereas it should have been and that the ambulance had not been triggered at the necessary moment. The report also stated that the ambulance was activated 2 hours 26 minutes after the situation was noted as an emergency.