Misbah releases video denying captivity by international drug network

Misbah Mohamed (L), held by a drug network in Pakistan as collateral for the 72 kilograms which was smuggled by Irufan Thagiyyu (R) | Photo: Mihaaru

Malé, Maldives —Misbah Mohamed, who Police stated that is suspected to have been held captive for ransom by a drug network has been declared wrong by a video of himself which was released on social media.

While Police had announced for public assistance to locate the 25 year old from HDh. Nolhivaranfaru in May, 2021, Maldives Police Service later revealed that he had flown to Dubai on November 11, 2020 on Fly Dubai flight which left Maldives at 22:13.

According to police, Misbah went to Dubai with Irufan Thagiyyu, aged 32, from Hulhudhoo, Seenu Atoll who has been arrested by police in December 2020 for the smuggling of the 72 kilos of drugs.

Police suspected that the international drug network had held Misbah as a guarantor for the payment for the 72 kilograms of drugs which was smuggled by Irufan last year.

However, a video currently spreading on social media of Misbah denying the suspicion of Police himself and statung that the saying that he was held for ransom by a drug network is incorrect. In the video, Misbah states that he is not involved with any drug network.

Police are lying about me.

Misbah Mohamed

Speaking about the video, Police confirmed that the person speaking in the video is Misbah, however, Police stated that they can confirm that the information they recieved earlier about Misbah being involved in a drug network is correct.

Police stated that they are inspecting the necessary aspects of the video of Misbah.