Will take Gulhifalhu issue to court: Muizzu

Malé Mayor Muizzu | Photo: PPM

Malé, Maldives — The Mayor of the capital Malé city, Dr Mohamed Muizzu stated that he will go to court for the rights of the Malé citizens if no solution is found for the issue of developing Gulhifalhu into a residential city instead of a port.

Although the government of Maldives had earlier announced and planned to develop Gulhifalhu as a port, Dr. Muizzu promised in his election campaign that he would change Gulhifalhu to a residential city.

Dr. Muizzu also discussed his plans to change the Gulhifalhu project during his meeting with the President of Maldives, Ibrahim Mohamed Solih as well.

Speaking at the press conference today, Dr. Muizzu mentioned that what he wants is to find a long term solution for the housing issue of Malé citizens and that the city council is willing to do anything necessary with the government to bring changes to the current Gulhifalhu project.

Even if multiple meetings need to be held, City Council is ready. We will not get tired of doing that work.

Dr Mohamed Muizzu, Mayor of capital Malé city

Dr Muizzu stated that they are consistently requesting the government to change the current plans for Gulhifalhu, to turn it into a port. However, if no solution is found, Dr Muizzu stated that they have decided to go to court for the citizens’ rights.

Although Dr Muizzu does not expect that it will be necessary to go to court at all, he stated that if he has to go that far to change the plans for Gulhifalhu, the council has passed to go to the court for the rights of Malé citizens.

The current plans of the administration are to develop Gulhifalhu into a port along with 1200 plots of land. However, Mayor Muizzu has been standing firm to the idea to develop the entire Gulhifalhu into a residential city since the elections.