MP Siyam must ask MP Hisaan for forgiveness: Ethics Committee

MP Hisaan Hussain (L) and MP Ahmed Siyam Mohamed (R) | Photo: Addulive

Male’, Maldives —The Disciplinary Committee has stated that the MP for Meedhoo Constituency, Ahmed Siyaam Mohamed must ask MP for Thulhaadhoo Constituency, Hisaan Hussain for forgiveness for saying that she should be hanged to death.

The incident took place on June 6 after a meeting with the 241 committee when Siyaam spoke to Hisaan very impolitely and stated in front of other Parliament members as well that it would not be a sin to hang Hisaan to death.

As such behaviour should not be seen from a member of the Parliament, the chairman, MP for Vilufushi Constituency Hassan Afeef informed that the issue has been sent to the Parliament’s Committee on Member’s Privileges and Ethics along with Police and the Defence Ministry to further investigate it.

During the meeting held today by the Committee to attend to this issue, MP for Manadhoo Constituency Ahmed Haaroon stated that saying such a serious thing to a member of the parliament by another member is a very serious issue. However, on such issues, the guidelines of the Parliament and the Committee does not consist of any strict measures that can be taken.

Ethics Committee decided to advise MP Shiyam to not repeat such an action and to ask MP Hisaan for forgiveness for his actions.

The Maldivian Development Alliances (MDA) defended their leader and stated that Siyam would never call on to hurt anyone and would not even wish for such a thing. MDA stated that they strictly condemn attempting to increase hatred towards Siyam by saying that Shiyam stated that Hisaan should be hanged.