Animal health bill presented to Parliament

Member of Parliament for Kanditheemu Constituency Abdhulla Shaheem Photo: Majlis

Malé, Maldives – The Animal Health Bill proposed by the government and sponsored by MP of Kanditheemu Constituency Abdulla Shaheem Abdul Hakeem was presented to the Parliament at today’s parliamentary sitting.

The bill presented at the 10th Sitting of 2nd Session of 2021 was inclusive of 78 sections. The main reason for the bill is to set certain regulations for the import and export of live animals, animal products as well as foods produced from animals and find a lasting safe method to breed and take care of animals in the Maldives.

The bill also includes regulations regarding ensuring animal health, protecting citizens against diseases caused by animals and also establish a basis for laws that instruct to ensure the above, and how to act upon diseases caused by animals.

The bill also stated that the Ministry will be responsible for the implementation of the law and stated the administrative responsibilities to be fulfilled by the Ministry.

The first reading of the bill was held at today’s Parliamentary sitting, 10th Sitting of 2nd Session of 2021 and the debate for the bill will continue in the following settings.

Malé City Council is currently working to develop a facility in the greater Malé area specialised in taking care of cats in order to find a lasting solution to the cat problem faced in Malé.