PPM MPs did not solicit money through Adheeb from MMPRC corruption: Shujau

Ibrahim Shujau, Vice President of People’s National Congress | Photo: PNC

Malé, Maldives – Vice President of People’s National Congress (PNC) and former MP for Baarashu Constituency Ibrahim Shujau has said that the MPs of the PPM parliamentary group have not taken money from former Vice President Ahmed Adheeb.

The current Hulhumalé Councillor of capital city, Malé Council, Shujau said that while he and a number of former colleagues from the PPM parliamentary group are listed in various capacities in the list released by the parliament regarding the MMPRC corruption case, the PPM members did not need the money to vote.

Speaking to Sangu TV last night, Shujau said that since the former government itself belonged to PPM, there was no need for said government to buy votes from its parliament members. Instead, Shujau says that it is the then opposition, Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) parliamentarians who solicited the money.

Was [MDP Majority Leader of the Parliament] Ali Azim the only one who voted in favour of PPM sponsored SEZ bill, Sale of Islands bill, and many others? These votes were given by [MDP] whip. [MDP MPs] voted in favour of government bills.

PNC VP Ibrahim Shujau

Shujau assured that the PPM MPs have not taken money from the MMPRC corruption and if the accusations are based on voting pro-government for their own party government, then the same accusations can be made for the current ruling party MDP.

Shujau has made a challenge and said that the PPM parliamentarians have not taken MMPRC corruption money.