Maldivian tourism to be advertised by American journalists

American tourists at scuba diving | photo: MMPRC

Malé, Maldives – American journalists arrived in Maldives last Wednesday, upon invitation by Maldives Marketing and Public Relations Corporation (MMPRC), to advertise Maldives.

The team of American journalists were brought to Maldives by the serialised promotional work by MMPRC to advertise the tourism industry of Maldives through their respective media outlets. MMPRC invites journalists from different media all over the world to experience the tourism industry of Maldives.

The American team of journalists is set to depart on June 16 and will be residing at Robinson Club, Lux North Malé Atoll as well as Kuramathi resort.

The team of journalists include journalists from top notch media as well as business and travel magazines. These include “Travel and Leisure”, “Travel Age West”, “Trip Savvy”, “Citizen Fame” as well as the world famous business magazines “LA Style” and “Forbes” magazine. MMPRC estimates that Maldives will be advertised among 78 million Americans through these channels.

Furthermore, MMPRC aims to advertise Maldives as a safe haven to spend holidays during this Covid-19 pandemic. The media will aim at advertising Maldives especially among high class tourists of America.

Although the Covid-19 had a fatal blow on the Maldivian tourism industry, the number of daily arrivals are currently increasing and the industry is recovering. Maldives recorded a total of 469,942 tourist arrivals so far this year, with 15,624 of them being Americans.