The wait is over! EURO2020 starts tonight

With the COVID19 pandemic hitting the globe, football, similar to all the other sporting activities came to a halt. The scheduled Euro 2020 was postponed last summer due to Europe hitting the virus catastrophically.

Federations decided to push it to the next summer, the summer of 2021. Teams, players and fans waited patiently to witness the Europe’s prestigious national football tournament.

The uniqueness of the 2020 Euro is it’s spread throughout Europe, unlike one or two hosting countries. The first match is scheduled to be played in Rome, Italy, where Italy will be hosting Turkey in the opening match.

The competition will be played across 11 countries in Europe, separated by 4,677km.

Final match of the competition will be played in Wembley on July 11th. The group of death of this year’s competition is Group F. Consisting Champions Portugal, World Champions France and former World Champions Germany. The other team in this group is Hungary.

Injury Crisis, huge to blow to BIG teams

Some of Europe’s key players are set out to miss the tournament due to injury. Spain and Real Madrid captain Sergio Ramos, who misses the majority of the club season due to injury as well was not selected for the final selection.

Karim Benzema, at the age of 33 was recalled to French national team after a five year absence, but he also will be a doubtful star to appear in the Euro as he was subbed due to injury in France’s final friendly game ahead of Euro.

Other key stars include AC Milan’s Zlatan Ibrahimovic, 39, who was also recalled to the Swedish national team after retirement is also excluded due to injury. Netherland’s young midfielder Donny van de Beek and England’s Trent Alexander Arnold and Mason Greenwood are also withdrawn from the Euro squad due to injury.