55 direct contacts identified from “Sea Queen” cluster in Kulhudhufushi City

Aerial view of Kulhudhuffushi City | Photo: Abooish

Kulhudhufushi City, Maldives – Kulhudhufushi Regional Hospital reported that 55 direct contacts have been identified in relation to the See Queen Cluster.

Kulhudhufushi Regional Hospital announced that the 55 contacts were direct contacts of the three positive cases identified from the Sea Queen Cluster.

They stated that samples have been taken from all of the contacts with 31 pending results. Furthermore, 16 houses have been quarantined following a large number of direct contacts.

HDh. Atoll documented from 9-10 June 2021, with active cases at Kulhudhuffushi, Neykurendhoo and Makunudhoo.

Maldives recorded 295 new cases of Covid-19 yesterday with 138 of them being from Malé and 146 from inhabited islands along with 11 new cases from operational resorts. In addition to this, two Covid-19 deaths were reported today including a 25 year old that passed away after giving birth.

Maldives is currently going through the worst wave of Covid-19 to have hit the country since the pandemic started. Although the daily cases are gradually decreasing, health officials advise the public to remain at home and abide by preventive guidelines to minimize the spread of the disease.