Police disallows mass gatherings to watch Euro2020

Maldives Police Service | Photo: The Edition

Malé, Maldives – Maldives Police Service said that they will not allow mass gatherings to watch the matches of Euro2020.

The statement from Police comes will the Youth Ministry has decided to loan projectors to different associations and clubs to watch the matches of Euro2020 which started last night. The Ministry said that they will be giving out the projectors and screens received under China Aid to different clubs and associations.

Maldives Police Service said that they have received information of some clubs and associations arranging to watch the matches using a big screen. However, they said that this type of mass gathering in the current Covid-19 situation of Maldives is not a wise idea.

In addition to this, Police stated that the daily cases of Covid-19 have finally started to come down after huge surges in the numbers and that they will not allow for any activity that might risk worsening the Covid-19 situation again.

Police reminded the public that now is the time to work together and strictly follow HPA guidelines to improve the current situation and get release on the current measures.

Maldives recorded 295 new cases of Covid-19 yesterday with 138 of them being from Malé and 146 from inhabited islands along with 11 new cases from operational resorts. Maldives is currently going through the worst wave of Covid-19 to have hit the country since the pandemic started. Although the daily cases are gradually decreasing, health officials advise the public to remain at home and abide by preventive guidelines to minimize the spread of the disease.