High Court Judge Abdul Rauf elected as President of Maldives Judges Association

Judge of High CourtC Abdul Rauf Ibrahim. | Photo: PSM

Malé, Maldives — Judge of High Court Abdul Rauf Ibrahim elected as the President of the Judges Association of Maldives.

While the association began their work once again after being temporarily halted, an election was held yesterday for the committee members of the association.

High Court Judge, Abdul Rauf was automatically elected for the position as no other judge had applied for the Judges Association’s President.

Two judges applied for the Vice President of the association. They are Chief Magistrate of GDh. Gahdhoo Magistrate Court, Abdullah Shaneez Ibrahim and Chief Magistrate of Dh. Judicial Sector, Ahmed Ameer.

Judge Ameer was elected for the position with a total of 66 votes while Judge Shaneez received 48 votes.

Judges were automatically elected for the Association’s Secretary General, Arrangement Secretary, Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer and the Spokesperson as no one else applied for it. They are:

  • Secretary General — Civil Court Judge, Zubair Mohamed.
  • Arrangement Secretary — Chief Magistrate of AA. Ukulhahu Magistrate Court, Ahmed Muaviyath Qasim.
  • Treasure — Civil Court Judge, Azfa Abdul Rauf.
  • Assistant Treasurer — Chief Magistrate of R. Kinolhahu Magistrate Court, Ibrahim Zahir.
  • Spokesperson — Criminal Court Judge, Adam Mohamed.

The former President of the Judges Association, Judge Shuaib Hussain Zakariyya was also from the High Court.