Resilient Swedes hold back dominant Spain

Spain defenders relieved, Sweden's Berg devastated after missing a key chance. Photo: AP

Luis Enrique’s dominant Spanish side was held back by Sweden in a thrilling Group E match which ended in a draw.

The stats of this match is absolutely phenomenal, with Spain having 75% of the ball, 80 attacks to Sweden’s 12, 17 attempts to Sweden’s 4 throughout the game, yet, a goal was not witnessed.

Spain’s head coach Luis Enrique was not at all pleased by his team’s display but didn’t want to point any fingers. Enrique defended striker Alavaro Morata after his woeful display, missing key chances to finish the game.

With Sergio Busquets and Diego Llorente omitted from the squad for testing Positive for COVID19, Spain’s supporters are nothing but hopeful for a decent result. Even more so with former Barcelona coach, Enrique’s decision to not include a single Real Madrid player for the Euros.

With this draw, the group is topped by Slovakia after beating Poland 1-2, shocking everyone.